Why Fika? We are sliding apart.

People seem to disagree more on issues that are difficult to resolve. We are drawn into closed bubbles with like-minded.

To counteract this, Fika tries to make people want to meet and talk to "the others" in an openhearted way. To make people with different opinions and fears listen to each other without offending and judging too harshly. Or just finding ways that make it fun and enriching to get together with people you do not normally meet. 

Maybe it's about stopping a societal crisis. Maybe it's part of lifelong learning to become a better colleague or manager. Maybe it's just a matter of becoming more open and respectful in everyday life.

Most of all, it's about changing your way of thinking a little. About wanting to meet those who think and live differently more often.

When we test different methods we see it is feasible to increase the willingness to get closer to people with other opinions, beliefs and values. The way there is increasing awareness of one's own prejudices, sharing one's own vulnerability, becoming better at asking and listening, and adapting tools for taking action. They seem valuable in many relationships and situations. We explore how companies, schools, municipalities, government, arts, and media can benefit from them.

We have begun a journey to make more people want to get closer to those who think differently. The choices of paths are sometimes difficult. For example, we doubt whether it is right to talk to and listen to those who reject people's equal rights, threaten or are violent.

We also face opposition from those who think we are out to ban certain opinions in some way. We are not. This is about nuance and balance. Not about judging and cancelling.


We will make mistakes when we explore and test this. We try to learn from many and share with more.

Please, comment and contribute.

About Fika

  • A mindshift is needed to stop people and groups from further sliding apart. To make this mindshift happen methods and action are needed.

  • Fika, a non-profit, is developed together with The Presencing Institute, a global action research platform for social and organizational change.
    We we are affiliated  with Stockholm School of Economics in education and research.


  • We test and use the methods in higher education, in research, with organizations in public and private sectors, in media and with curious individuals in general. We are always looking for new partners to improve.

More about our first method – bubble-hopping

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