Methods for depolarization


National Conversation Project - ListenFirst

A platform powered by the 300 organizations in the #ListenFirst Coalition welcoming more Americans into conversations. It is designed to reach farther and impact greater than any single organization.

My country talks

This is a tool to organize political dialogue. It matches and invites people of opposite attitudes and beliefs for a face-to-face discussion. Media around the world can use the platform for events in their country.

Talking Europe App

Connects citizens having an opposing political view - and living in a different country. Their mission is to create a European public sphere.  A matching algorithm connects discussants from different European countries. Modern translation tools ensure real-time translation.


Aims to strengthen democracy with balanced news, diverse perspectives, and real conversation. They offer balanced news coverage, media bias ratings, civil dialogue opportunities, and technology platforms that are available for everyone and can be integrated by schools, nonprofits, media companies, and more.

Here you find recent inspiring practical methods and ways of working.
Here you'll find ten inspiring 
cases.  Please contribute!
National conversation project (pic below) is a platform that focus on dialogues for bridging the divide/depolarization. Among many things it started the national conversation week, #listenfirst. In times of Corona it has started #WeavingCommunity

Allsides for School

Helps students participate in their communities and our democracy.
Like a modern-day “pen pal” program, it connects students across distance and divides and guides them through structured, meaningful conversations.

Peace Sofas

Is a Pan-European campaign/pledge to inspire people to talk together. They found pairs of people with opposing opinions, cut their sofas in half, merged them together, and sat them down to talk.

Living Room Conversations

Is a conversational model developed by dialogue experts to facilitate connection between people despite their differences, and identify areas of common ground. Nearly 100 conversation guides have been developed on topics that can be tense to talk about with friends, strangers, and even loved ones of differing backgrounds and political persuasions.

Better Angels

Is a citizens’ movement to reduce political polarization in the US. It's bringing liberals and conservatives together to understand each other beyond stereotypes, forming red/blue community alliances, teaching practical skills for communicating across political differences, and making a public argument for depolarization.

Buzzard App

Exposes people to information and ideas from all sides of the political spectrum so they can step out of their media bubble and better understand the world — and each other.

Diskutier Mit Mir App
(Discuss with me App)

This is a connects citizens having an opposing political view. They want to foster the exchange between people with different opinions online.

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