Corona can help us appreciate human connection

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Pierre Golbach Sometimes connecting means bridging divides and self-imposed boundaries – what better teacher than our lockdown.

I recently assisted in an online class around with Susan Taylor and Joseph Jaworski on mindfulness and love as a source for shared intention and transformation.

At first excited and curious, I was also slightly skeptic as to how our group process could unfold – taking place in the digital space. Over the course of the four days however, I felt touched by people whom I had never physically met before and at the end I sensed a love and connection in a way I had not expected. Going through my memories of the process, I would like to explore how this was possible despite us starting off as mere faces on screens.

We were a group of roughly 20 people, from across Europe, Africa and the US. We began our journey hosted by Christine Wank. During the four days, we had many occasions to share our own highest aspirations and hindrances. We would sometimes journal individually and then open up to small groups in order to exchange on our resonance and feedback. All of this allowed us to get closer and to open up in a safe space honoring each other’s process and vulnerability.

Over the course of the four days something happened, individually and in the group. The faces on my screen became people and these people became human beings with whom I now feel deeply connected. The great process providing a lot of space for meaningful exchange certainly played its part. However, I feel that the strongest driver behind the group process and our connection was the shared intention to deeply connect.

This need for connection, not just in a meaningful class, but generally, has become much more tangible to me given the constraints which most of us currently experience in times of Corona. Having to refrain from hugging friends and family has made it so much clearer to me how valuable and crucial this is. As so often, its absence allows us to see what we have been easily taking for granted.

As much as I hope for us to soon being able to cherish social connection to its fullest, I want to acknowledge this Corona crisis for teaching us: we are social beings, we need to connect and when we want to and put our hearts to it, we can overcome many perceived boundaries and make strangers beloved human beings.

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