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Jordan B. Peterson now promotes listening, great!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Emma Stenström When doing some Youtube-hopping I found Jordan B. Peterson on a new path. He is a person who, according to me, has created many divides in society. Therefore, it made me happy to see that we now seem to agree.

Jordan B. Peterson, the world-known psychologist, has contributed to widening divides between women and men, between GAL (Green Alternative Liberal) and TAN (Traditional Authoritarian Nationalistic), to name a few.

Few people have made me angrier.

Now Jordan is back (from rehab in Russia), and what does he promote?

Well, apparently something similar to bubble-hopping. That is great! There is no better thing than to find a commonality, in this case even a shared vision, with someone you previously have disliked.

Check him out here.

emma.stenstrom@hhs..se And here is the gist of what he is saying:

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