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Bubble-hop to find social and commercial inventions

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Bubble-hopping can improve leadership, city development, and corporate innovation, says Otto Scharmer, a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management. And it addresses one of the main challenges in society.

Otto Scharmer is also is co-founder of the Presencing Institute, an activist community for societal change with 160 000 practitioners from 185 countries.

Bubble-hopping is Fikaproject’s first prototype for preventing people and society from slipping apart. Bubble-hopping makes you aware of which bubble you are in. It helps you get out of your bubble, visit and create new deeper understanding about people in other bubbles. If bubble-hopping is used in education, governments, municipalities, and companies social divides can be bridged.

The method has been tested by 410 students at Stockholm School of Economics. Next it will be developed for government/cities, media, and businesses.

The term “bubble-hopping” has been used in different contexts. The Fikaproject’s take is a practical method, a process and personal experience. It is largely inspired by Theory U. A first prototype has been developed by an international team. It also served as a pre-study for a research project.

“We will make the use of the bubble-hopping application to a mind-broadening and even exciting event for the participants. We are convinced that an enticing experience will help us spread the practice to many sectors and countries”, says Emma Stenström, co-founder of Fikaproject.

During spring 2020 innovation work has been done within u.lab 2x. U.lab is a global process designed to help teams, organizations and larger networks to facilitate innovation for societal change. It’s based on Theory U, developed by Otto Scharmer.

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