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Fika takes part in a global societal transformation lab

Fikaproject participates in the u.lab 2x transformation lab run by The Presencing Institute together with hundreds of projects from around the world. Fikaproject will invent and experiment with methods for depolarization, as one of the projects in the institutes aim to prevent destruction of societal ecosystems.

The background for Fikaproject is a need to work for depolarization. To counter growing divides between nations and nationalities, climate activists and deniers, wealthy and poor, men and women, young and old, people with different social values and religious beliefs.

Between February and July 2020 Fikaproject will be participating in a transformation lab together with hundreds of other projects from around the world within the Presencing Institute. Fikaproject will be finding and inventing new ways and methods to make fierce opponents meet and talk in a constructive way – IRL and online. The work culminates in the Global Forum: From Ego to Eco 2030 , 10 & 11 July 2020 in Berlin.

Over the past two decades Theory U has been developed as a change framework, led cross-sector leadership, change and innovation initiatives worldwide, and created the innovation platform called u.lab. The Presencing Institute activates u.lab as an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and social and organizational change.

Theory U in short:

U.lab is a platform that blends new tech tools, social change processes, and multi-local community building efforts. It aims to catalyze and scale societal renewal.

Building upon two decades of action research at MIT, the process shows how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges. To a shift in consciousness, from ego-system to eco-system awareness.

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