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Increase in extremist attacks on their political opponents

Updated: Aug 21

Attacks on from leftist extremes on rightists increased with 53 per cent in 2019. Offenses by rightist on leftists increased with 29 per cent. New crime numbers seem to indicate that the radical right and left in Germany are drifting further apart. Political crime statistics in Germany is overall a pretty sad reading. The yearly government report came on May 27. I think it clearly shows the needs for many activities on trying to understand each other better. To bridge these growing divides.

Just see the new stats for 2019. The number of crimes increased with 5 000 cases to a total of 41 177. Offenders were radical rightists, leftists, Islamists and other political fanatics. It means that divides between radicals and the rest of the society are growing.

The number of cases is the second highest since the survey started. Only in 2016, in the wake of the large refugee immigration to Europe, there was more political criminality in Germany.

Anti-Semitism seems to be on the rise

The German police registered 2032 anti-Jewish crimes in 2019. - This is the highest level since the beginning of the statistical recording, said Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) at a presentation of the report. Seehofer referred to the introduction of the police recording system "Politically Motivated Crime (PMK)" in 2001. Since then, there has never been more anti-Semitic crime than in 2019.

Seehofer stressed that more than 93 percent of anti-Semitic crimes have a right-wing background.

Right-wing crime has increased overall. Last year, the police recorded 22,342 cases, almost 2000 more than in 2018:

- That is more than half of all recorded politically motivated crimes. The greatest danger comes from the right, the minister said according to German newspapers. The police registered 1674 crimes against "officials and/or elected officials". In more than 600 cases the criminals were right-wingers, in 310 cases left-wingers. Over 700 cases, including a lot of hate speech on the Internet, could not be attributed to any scene.

The number of criminal acts committed by Islamists and other religious extremists (minus 27.5 percent) and foreign right-wing and left-wing radicals (minus 23.7) is declining. Read more about anti-Semitism activist Anetta Kahane

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