Tech insiders confess their bubble sins in Social Dilemma

“Imagine a world where no one believes what’s true”, says Tristan Harris, a former design ethicist at Google and co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology.

Harris is the main character and driving force in the Netflix documentary Social Dilemma.

The premise is a handful managers, investors and computer scientists at Google, Facebook and Youtube confessing that they have made terribly wrong. The platforms they created are addictive and make people feel miserable.

So you are addicted to your social media (yes, you are). On top of that the platforms run on algorithms that serve you a blur of facts, opinions and straight out lies according to your preferences. What you see is not the same as people that click, like and comment in a different way see in their feed. Most likely that will make you drift apart. Make you dislike and even despise each other.

With the present backdrop of the ongoing US election I even question if democracy can survive the era of social media.

Maybe that is an exaggerated and pretentious conclusion. Whether you agree or doubt, Social Dilemma is worth watching.

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