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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Here you can join a guided practice to break out of your reality and filter bubbles. Do it right and you’ll become more nuanced, smart and creative.

In short, bubble-hopping is to meet and connect with people from other backgrounds or with different knowledge, beliefs, or opinions. Here is a chance to become really good at it.

Fika is providing a three-step journey. You will be guided by an experienced university teacher and researcher, two facilitation specialists and a journalist. They use a mix of creative inputs, group discussions and individual reflection. You contribute and bubble-hop.

In step one you explore bubbles and how they divide people, the benefits of hopping, and why mindtraps and triggers make it difficult to connect with unlike. 90 minutes

In step two you learn useful skills for hopping – to set up for dialogue, to develop listening and question skills. You also get hands-on advice on how to do your bubble-hop in practice. 90 minutes Then you bubble-hop. You meet someone you are curious about with the bubble-hopping skills you have acquired.

In step three you share experiences and reflect on what you learned from the hop. You also develop an action plan for your next steps to take.

90 minutes

You will have access to an online collaboration area to share and discuss with all participants and the guiding team.

This is a professional program that is being developed and tested at Stockholm School of Economics and with the Presencing Institute in Boston and Berlin.

Spaces for this free-of-charge journey will be limited to 20 participants in total. Please note that it only makes sense to join the journey if you are able to participate in all three steps..

Sign up for bubble-hopping with the Berlin group Sign up for bubble-hopping with the Stockholm group

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