Asking and listening not enough to connect

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It has become clearer to me that it is not enough to ask questions and listen, you also need to share and show vulnerability in order to create emotional connection. By Emma Stenström

I learned that as I was interviewed about bubble-hopping twice in Swedish Radio lately. In “Morgonpasset”, the hip-hop artist Ison, told his own story and it made bubble-hopping come alive in a way that no constructed examples ever can.

In P4 Extra, the experienced interviewer and comedian, Erik Blix, shared some of his own stories while music was playing, and that made it a lot easier for me to talk. (short Swedish version)

So, don’t forget to share, and don’t be afraid to show vulnerability, when you want to create connection!

We are adding this to our bubble-hopping method that we right now are refining. Towards the end of August, we are running an online version. If you are interested, join here.

In the fall, we hope to have French- and German-speaking online groups for bubble-hopping, and a small, live group in Stockholm, Sweden.

Otherwise, we are continuing with bubble-hopping in higher education. At the Stockholm School of Economics, it will be a mandatory part of the big bachelor program as well as of the international master program CEMS (ranked nr 8th in the world). And this fall we are also taking bubble-hopping to Uppsala University for the first time.

Further, we are writing the first academic article on Bubble-hopping, using data from the pre-study with 410 participants, and developing a research program to study the effects of bubble-hopping scientifically.

We are also developing a collaboration, hopefully with a media company and one or several Swedish regions.

And lots and lots more…

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