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Conversation Lab and Fika Project
We spread knowledge and methods that improve
the chances to understand others. We give lectures, arrange workshops, implement CBT-change programs, write books,
and conduct academic research.

New books


Leadership to stop gang criminality
This is a deep dive into creating relationships and setting boundaries  to reverse negative trends in deprived areas. It is about what politicians, leaders and employees need to do to build new trust between residents and social institutions. Among other things through more and better meetings between people. Partly to stop new recruitment to criminal gangs, but also to counteract exclusion and segregation. In the end, it is also a matter of humanism, of giving every child in Sweden a chance for a life without violence and crime.
Särskilda händelser is written by Klas Friberg, ex head of the Swedish Secret Police, together with Mats Paulsen at the Conversation Lab
Buy it in Swedish here

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Our Solutions


Connect with people from other backgrounds or with different knowledge, beliefs, or opinions. People in other bubbles than yours.

Societal Draft

We try to create  a mandatory service that provides education and opportunities for the young, guiding them to work on a project focused on the betterment of society.

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