What we do

We develop methods that make it enriching and fun to get together with people who are different from you.

Photo: Lars Joelsson


Our starting point is

to grow understanding

by sharing experiences.

Society is rocked by complex questions like economic equality, immigration, climate change, and religion. They can make us insecure, frightened and sometimes angry, feelings that are the psychological basis for polarization. On the societal level there is a need for new mindsets and tools that can counteract growing divides.

On the organizational level there is a need for methods to better understand other departments, specialists, customers, team members, generations, external stakeholders, etcetera. The potential of becoming better at sharing knowledge is underutilized in most businesses, public organizations, and academia.

Individually it’s a matter of becoming a more open and respectful person. Becoming better at bridging divides is a lifelong learning. It will gradually make you a better partner, parent, colleague, and decision maker.


Our starting point is to increase understanding by sharing experiences and knowledge.  Without understanding few gaps will be bridged.


You will practice how to see your own prejudices, share your personal experiences and knowledge. You will grow by learning how to listen on different levels and how to ask questions that can open ways forward. Together with “the others” original new ideas can form. That is enriching and fun.

We explore and try to implement these methods together with companies, schools, municipalities, government, arts, and media.


Of course, we face opposition. Some think we are out to ban certain opinions. We are not, we practice understanding them.


It is important to point out that our methods are not about convincing and changing someone's mind. That’s not the way forward. What we see, again and again, is that multi-sided understanding leads to a more balanced perspective. And often to understanding and new ideas.


These are complex issues. 

We want to learn
from many

and share with more.