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Fika Will Explore Methods for Better Futures

There is no right or wrong about the future since it does not exist. It makes the future a good place to bring people together who are not used to have shared imaginative conversations. “Participatory futures" is a range of different ways for involving people in exploring and shaping potential futures that Fika will explore.

“Participatory futures” techniques allow us to think (and feel) openly and critically about the future. They help to translate collective images of the future into actions and behavior in the present. And they allow us to regain a sense of agency of the future. "Participatory futures" methods have been around for some time. But in recent years there has been an explosion of new types and methods with more fun and experiential activities. There are workshops as well as artists and designers creating experiences of the future in today’s physical world or massively multiplayer online games. While participatory futures activities can be rather small and led by citizens without connection to formal decision making, they can also be initiated by governments. A nation-wide example

One example for a nation-wide participatory futures activity is Hawaii 2060. It was initiated by the State Office of Planning to discuss a preferred future and viable pathways to it in the context of climate change. Hawaii 2060 turned four rooms at the Waikiki Marriott into experiences from alternative futures based on data and research. Gaming is another field which has seen a huge amount of developments and ideas. Last year, NESTA, UK's innovation agency, launched the game "Our futures", which can still be played. The game encourages players to come up with new activities themselves. If you want to develop future-oriented thinking skills, increase your ability to envision, and build different futures, you are welcome to join us for a Participatory Futures Workshop Fika-style. Dates and time will be announced shortly.

What we read right now

You don´t need to shy away from the scary future of climate change. The Ministry for the Future is a dramatic book, yet full of solutions. Some say it’s the most important book in recent times.

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