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Get a taste of Bubble-hopping

Join us at the Mindshift conference on May 12 2021. Fika will be hosting a mini-workshop on bubble-hopping, 9.50-11 am. You will learn about the research behind, try out some of the tools, and get a taste of bubble-hopping.

Use promo code Mindshift-contributor-1382 when you check out, and you will be able to participate the whole day for 490 SEK (original price 1290 SEK).

Mindshift is a digital conference exploring what kind of human development we need to reach the global goals for sustainable development. You will meet Otto Scharmer, Amy Edmondson, Peter Senge, Kristin Neff, and many, many more. The MindShift conference is a collaboration between the Stockholm School of Economics, Center for Social Sustainability at Karolinska Institute, 29k and Ekskäret Foundation. Together with our partners, contributors and participants we co-create the Inner Development Goals.

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