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Passion pays off

Fika co-founder Emma Stenström is awarded Pedagogical Award 2021 at Stockholm School of Economics. “For her long-standing passion for pedagogical innovation and her deep commitment to the development of responsible citizens and leaders”, the nomination reads.

- The money comes in handy (SEK 100 000). Now, I can continue to explore multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and develop pedagogical tools for bridging differences, Emma says.

So far Emma has bubble-hopped with about 1 300 bachelor and master students. Most of them Swedes and Germans. In total about 40 nationalities have tried bubble-hopping within the international master program CEMS, a consortium of 34 leading business schools on all continents.

By now Emma has collected 899 student evaluation stories to be used to further develop Fika-methods and do more research about methods for understanding others.

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